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PHPScriptGen is a powerful online tools that can automatically generates fully functional codes for your PHP/Mysql applications. You can create completed CRUD(Create, Retrieve Update and Delete) scripts within ten minutes. Thus it can save you a lot of time wasted on repetitive coding. The generated codes can be easily understood and further customized. It is designed for both beginners and veteran programmers. This amazing tools is completely FREE for both commercial & non-commercial use.

  • Full set of CRUD scripts
  • Can set up multiple tables
  • Can set up tables' relationships
  • Various input options for fields
  • Automatically generated database file
  • Easy for internationalization
  • Simple and easily to be customized
  • FREE to use

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You can quickly create a project, but only with one table. If you want to create a project with more tables and save/edit your projects and tables, Please Sign up today.
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